Popular Spring Flowers for a Beautiful Garden

The spring season is the time for the flowers to blossom. There is a massive spread of spring flowers that enhance this season, but some precise ones are a class apart when it comes down to vibrancy and colors.

These make an excellent choice for this season. Get introduced with some examples of spring flowers.


1. Phlox

Phlox is one of the best spring flowers. This flower makes for an excellent ground cover. It bears tiny blossoms in dense clusters, giving your garden a stunning appearance. This flower can add a great deal to the general visual appeal of your garden. Phlox offers you diverse color selections such as rose, lavender, purple, white, red, pink, and blue. Hence you can easily pick one that suits the color theme of your garden. You may wish to match it with the color theme of the house too.


2. Snowdrops.

Snowdrops are also pretty spring flowers. These are short-sighted and among the variety that marks the appearance of this season. This one is typical of the spring season only; the downside is they die out by the summers. These areas indicated by the name white-colored and are about an inch or lesser in size. Flower sags down from the end of the stem like a drop. On full bloom, you can see three inner and three outer petals of the flower. You can also order these flowers online, check out this article about why you should send flowers online.


3. Daffodils

Come spring, and there is no way you can lose out on Daffodils. These are maybe the most lovely of all of the spring flowers. While Daffodils bloom a little bit later, you can always go for miniature versions that bloom fast. You can get this flower in a massive variety of colors and sizes. So, it is up to you to select which one to plant for your garden. This flower grows well in full sun and a little acidic soil.


4. Pasque flower

The Pasque flower is another popular spring flower. Their beauty is far from common though, and these evergreen blooms can significantly reinforce the general appeal of your garden. Short in height, the plants generally grow up to 8-12 inches. And unlike most other plants; – where the foliage appears before the blossoms- the Pasque buds regularly precede the foliage itself. The flower is mostly available in shades of lavender. However, you can also choose reddish-purple or white-hued variations of the same.


5. Forsythia

How can you lose out on Forsythia when thinking about spring flowers? This flower truly brings out the quintessence of spring. It is a flourishing plant that beautifies your garden with its cheerful yellow flowers. Use this one to decorate your gift basket, and the receiver of the basket will adore you for sure.

6. Tulips

Tulips are in the genus Tulipa in the family Liliaceae. There are 160 species of tulips. They grow wild in Europe from Italy to Austria and across to Asia. The word tulip comes from the Turkish word for turban as they look like an upside-down turban. They are planted in the fall and do not like hot climates.


7. Lily

Lily of the valley is in the lily family and a native of Europe, northern Asia and the mountains of Virginia to South Carolina in the United States. The blossoms are waxy white with some being pink. They do well in fertile soil planted in partial shade.

Flowers add dimension to a room or an event. They can fill the air with fragrance and appeal to the eye making all that look upon them happy.